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chemical compounds for textile industries

The compounds are specially designed to cater the water & environmental aspects prevalent in Textile sector of Pakistan. Our compounds are addressing the total requirements of textile Humidification Plants and controls water and departmental atmosphere.

Liquid Compound DEC-3000HF

This Compound is specifically designed for Textile Air conditioning plants. The compound is dissolved two to three times a day in water tank of A/C plant on daily basis. The compound start controlling all known parameters such as:

  1. It removes scaling from tank showering areas, nozzles, illuminator plates, intake lower grills and piping systems.
  2. Eliminating HCL wash process of illuminator Plates & Intake lower grills.
  3. Protecting electronic components which are continuously damaged as a result of HCL usage
  4. Creating Health odorless environment, eliminating suffocation and reducing Carbon dioxide level from department areas.
  5. Two to Three times extending the blow down period of tank water
  6. Removes corrosion from machinery and extends the life of all machines that are exposed to humidity.
  7. Capability to perform up-to5000TDS of water
*HF Stands for Hi-Foaming
*LF Stands for Low-Foamig


The compound is prepared from Food Grade Organic raw materials. It is non-hazardous, skin friendly and safe for the Plant and human beings.


This compound is low foaming version and specially designed for Traditional Yarn Conditioning plants. A very small quantity of the compound is required three to four times a day to achieve the desired results which are as follows.

  1. Eliminates the generation harmful bacterial growth and reduces suffocation in the department.
  2. The humidification chamber is safeguarded from rust scaling.
  3. The atmosphere of the department becomes comfortable for workers.
  4. The Compound cases the fungal growth on the yarn and induces preservative quality.


Research 7 development has always been an integral part of Decent Engineering Corporation. Our products are 50% to 70% more efficient than the local & Imported products available in the market. Our R & D experts are continuously monitoring and designing products in order to enhance their efficiency & effectiveness.


We focus on the root cause of any problem, lately we have designed the Water Tank Cover or the Humidification Plant which prevents fluff from entering into the water tank. The prevention of fluff entering the water tank enhances the performance of the Humidification plant and also prevents the nozzles from getting blocked due to fluff.

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chemical compounds for Cooling Towers


 This compound is specially designed to assist cooling requirements of any sector that is using Cooling Tower, such as Power Plants, Textile Units, CNG Stations etc. The scheduled monthly HCL wash of Cooling Tower in order to maintain the efficiency of the cooling system. Our compound has of all routine merits and de-merits of a cooling tower system installed at any sector. The understanding of processes involved in water treatment has enabled our experts to successfully integrated multiple technologies and develop a single solution. The salient features of the compound are:

  1. It’s main purpose is to carry ‘heat from water’ and maintain an optimum temperature.
  2. Additionally, it also has an ability to remove corrosion and scaling.
  3. The compound assists the open circuits to keep the water tank free from fungus and algae.
  4. The self-cleaning of cooling Tower also improves the flowing properties of water in heat exchangers for getting maximum heat transferring rate in water, keeping the system cool and clean.
  5. Most important thing that you don’t need open ‘ heat exchanger’ for any cleaning/service.
  6. The compound will keep your plant working without any interruption, so you can only focus on power generation in continuity.
  7. It is a complete solution for all power plants, no additional dosage is required if this compound is being used.


  1. Compound DEC-5000HF is an organic product and is 100% biodegradable.
  2. All ingredients used in this compound pertain to food grade family.
  3. It is compliant with modern environmental regulations.
  4. It keeps the environment friendly and eliminates health hazards.